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Extraction Strength

A major component of a recipe for coffee brewing is the coffee to water ratio. This proportion, along with other brewing parameters, ultimately determine the concentration of said extraction. When I started brewing coffee I was told that it “should always be brewed at 1:17.” That is 17 parts of water for every part of coffee, … Continue reading

Sifting Grinds: Waste or Necessity?

Ever since I last wrote here I have moved to a different country and opened a coffee roaster. So much has happened that I have wanted to write about, and yet I have refrained from doing so as I am frightened. Everything happens so fast that a new thought or experiment can be something completely … Continue reading

Fresh Coffee

As I finish decompressing from a long awaited weekend, one thought has been swirling through my mind. A dangerous situation to say the least: it’s never safe to let a thought linger. This past week was the SCAA’s Symposium and annual Event, a opportunity for industry professionals to gather, share and, well, drink coffee. The … Continue reading

Blogophobia: A Realization

I am a little sad. Looking back at the original blogposts on this lovely web log and then also more recent ones, I notice a drastic change in my writing. Were before I felt free to share, and my writing felt unrestricted, now I notice that what I thought were going to be epic posts … Continue reading

Ethiopian Cupping Caravan: Day 2

The night previous, the group was asked who was willing to wake up early to head to the ECX in Dilla to assist with setting up the second cupping. Wanting to get my hands on as much as possible I rose my hand, even though I knew I was lacking a lot of sleep. I … Continue reading

Ethiopian Cupping Caravan: Day 1

My flight landed at at 3:50 am after a rocky flight from Cairo. There was no bothering translating any of the Arab to english for the pilot as there seemed to be no foreigners on board, so I had no idea why we were parked on the runway. It was about this point that it … Continue reading


I have to admit. I am not one to indulge in sweet breakfasts. Growing up in Mexico meant breakfast consisted of heavily sauced items that were usually greasy, spicy, and salty. You know; chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, enchiladas and the sort. So the idea of having “cakes” for breakfast is just different for me. In fact, … Continue reading

The Influence of Culture on a Palate’s Vocabulary

I often will be tasting coffees and blurt out what I taste or smell only to find out my perceived adjective seems not to match anybody elses descriptors. Our figurative palate (specifically our sense of smell) is deeply tied to our memory and has a great capacity for recall. The way it retrieves a memory … Continue reading

Innovation Through Tradition

As I share my explorations into food and its craft, I keep having to defend my thoughts about innovation almost as though they where an act of treason against tradition. I was recently eminiscing about how delicious café de olla is with a family member. Café de olla is boiled ground coffee with the addition of piloncillo (a … Continue reading

Blogging In 2012

Precisely one year ago I decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor to keep a web log. I figured if I wanted to get better at writing what better way to accomplish this than to share (in writing) some of the things I learn along the way. As I am sure happens with many blogs, … Continue reading