Blogophobia: A Realization

I am a little sad. Looking back at the original blogposts on this lovely web log and then also more recent ones, I notice a drastic change in my writing. Were before I felt free to share, and my writing felt unrestricted, now I notice that what I thought were going to be epic posts ended up being dull narrative. I think, over time, I have started to care about who reads this blog and have been therefore more carefully choosing my words. Seems right in thought, but ultimately it is affecting the way I write, and the result is not something I like. I plan on changing this. Im sorry, Ashnakech Thomas, for making your wonderful story sound so dull in my previous post. I promise to make it up with “Day 3,” the day when you hosted breakfast. To the rest of you: I hope this realization results in better writing.

See you soon!

One Response to “Blogophobia: A Realization”
  1. fabian11 says:

    Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of writing. That is what is taught in modern Universities. But it is kind of difficult to evaluate that statement. Look at this example: You are writing a letter to a coal company that is polluting a water way. Will you send them an emotional letter about how they are polluting the sacred water? Or will you present an economic argument about rising carbon taxes, and show them that it is in their interest to get off the land? You have to know the people and see how you can persuade them.

    But look at how you started this Blog. You wanted to share ideas and mainly learn to write for yourself. I believe a personal story is always best when you write it for yourself. When it comes from the heart, it is likely that people will catch onto this.

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