Express Espresso

I am utterly in love with the process of brewing coffee. I appreciate every method and am at peace with how little we know. This “un-knowing” provides and opportunity to learn, innovate, and move forward, even if it happens by moving back. There is one method in particular that keeps me perplexed. Yes, you guessed … Continue reading

Coquere Ergo Sum

“I cook therefore I am.” ┬áThink about it. When have you seen a cheetah prop out its camp stove and flip a pancake? We are the only species inhabiting this orb that cooks their food. Why? As we evolved, more and more energy was needed to fuel our unique reason-equipped brains. Lots of this energy … Continue reading

“Capt’n, We’ve Hit Brothy Waters?

Not to long ago we talked about wet cooking. If your memory is as good as most, the method involves a flavorful liquid. Many liquids are great for braising but there exist a couple that are simply splendid. Stocks and broths are ideal for adding a layer of flavor to any dish. Whats the difference? … Continue reading

MSG. Who is He?

Yum. Just hearing those three letters makes me salivate. This goes to clear up questions, concerns, and also give a helping hand to a great friend of, well, everybody. What is MSG? To answer that question we have to go back to structure. Food structure. Many foods, especially animal proteins, are packed with just that: … Continue reading

How To Cook Potatoes.

These versatile starchy tubers are delicious but are also many cooks nightmare in the kitchen. “How do I cook potatoes?” asks a reader. Well, how do you want to eat your potatoes? Firstly, it is important to determine what you want your end result to taste, smell, and feel like. Then you can appropriatley pick … Continue reading

Wet Cooking. A Method For Those With No Time.

Wait, but I thought brasing generally took several hours? Yes, you are correct. It takes several hours. Braising (from “braisier” in french), is by far one of my favorite cooking methods. Starting with moisture, there are a myriad of reasons for why I am in love with wet cooking. I am unaware of a cooking … Continue reading

You Carry Within You All The Ingredients To Turn Your Cooking Into Joy. Mix Them!

This above fact is true. Every human being was innately born with everything and more than we need to turn cooking into a joyous and successful craft. What animal cooks its food? Our anatomy is built and has evolved into a body ready for cooked food. We are the only species in the animal kingdom … Continue reading

Why Recipes Are Evil

Eating. A very fundamental thing I think we can all agree. Yet more often than not people seem to disregard it. Not overlook it. Simply disregard it. Thankfully, a larger percentage of the population are paying more attention to what they consume. Although eating out can be a great way to socialize and have a … Continue reading