Blogging In 2012

Precisely one year ago I decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor to keep a web log. I figured if I wanted to get better at writing what better way to accomplish this than to share (in writing) some of the things I learn along the way. As I am sure happens with many blogs, every article I post relates directly with something that is occupying a lot of my headspace at that given moment, and it has been fun to share that. Continuing on to stainednapkin’s second anniversary puts a smile on my face, and the objective of this first post is to set a standard for myself. There are some topics I have been wanting to write about and haven’t because of some of the research involved in writing them. Consider this a resolution of sorts, one in which I commit to  learning and sharing my thoughts on the following topics:

  • Food as a means for surprise
  • Roasting Coffee at Home
  • Sous vide cooking
  • Growing and Caring for Coffee plants
  • Brewing Beer at Home
  • The effect of flavor on our emotions
  • Textures in food
  • A Palates Vocabulary

Ok, although some more come to mind, I think this is a good starting point. They will probably not come in any particular order and some of these topics will be explores more than others.

Thank you for taking your time to read what I have to share.

Wishing you a joyful new year,



One Response to “Blogging In 2012”
  1. maru bolaños says:

    HOLA LALO ME gustaría ver mas fotos de las caravanas del cafe.

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