Merry Coffee Cherry

I didn’t quite know what this day was about to spark in me, but it was one year ago that I started a journey into a world that has brought me so much joy. I was at the Allegro cupping lab and we were cupping coffees from the different coffee growing regions of the world. … Continue reading

Molecular Gastronomy

I left culinary school with a negative connotation of what this term meant. I associated molecular gastronomy with the much pretentious, yet very admirable, food that was being prepared by the best restaurants in the world. I saw this practice as an attempt to make fine dining more exclusive than it already has become. To … Continue reading

Arriving at Amazing Iced Coffee

After probably 4 weeks of tinkering around, I have finally settled on a method that is producing the results I want. Big body, richness, balanced sweetness, and a hint of brightness, is how I describe the perfect cup of iced coffee. This is how I make it: I use a Chemex and a Kone Metal … Continue reading

Is Brightness the Flag of Specialty Coffee?

As I sift through some previous articles on a cup of joe that was selling for $12 a pop, many thoughts pass through my mind. In one of these articles (article here), Liam Singer from Cafe Grumpy in NYC, tries to answer a reporter’s question: “Why should  I pay $12 for a cup of coffee?” … Continue reading

Iced Coffee: A Love Affair

I am having an affair with Iced Coffee. There is something about Iced coffee that I just don’t get from hot coffee. The way I perceive its flavors and aromas is almost as if they were hidden and I can’t seem to find them. This makes of every cup of iced coffee an intricate and … Continue reading

Extracting Bad Flavors Through Pre-Soaking and Coffee Kombucha

As I attempt to decaffeinate green coffee an experiment comes to mind. When roasted coffee is brewed there is a target percentage of extraction that is “ideal.” Using a refractometer it is possible to calculate this percentage and have a picture of extraction that is not as subjective as taste. If the brew is under … Continue reading

Boiling Water

When brewing coffee we spend a lot of time talking about the coffee itself, the roast by which it was transformed, and the brewing method that will affect it. The latter includes a key element that I believe should be addressed more often: Water. More attention has been put into water quality recently but it … Continue reading

Extraction Obsession: Tea vs Coffee

I was in Mexico recently for the Specialty Coffee Convention in Mexico City where I hosted several Coffee cuppings and was therefore fortunate enough to be invited to a Tea tasting. First off, it was a wonderful experience. I used to be utterly immersed in the world of Tea and when Coffee came along things … Continue reading

Express Espresso

I am utterly in love with the process of brewing coffee. I appreciate every method and am at peace with how little we know. This “un-knowing” provides and opportunity to learn, innovate, and move forward, even if it happens by moving back. There is one method in particular that keeps me perplexed. Yes, you guessed … Continue reading

Farewell & Thanks For All The Fish

As I parted ways heading north on I-25, I kept thinking of the year gone past. A year in a town that taught me much more than I could have ever asked for. Ive decided to answer some questions, mostly for myself, as a way to say  thank you and bring closure to my time … Continue reading