Iced Coffee: A Love Affair

I am having an affair with Iced Coffee. There is something about Iced coffee that I just don’t get from hot coffee. The way I perceive its flavors and aromas is almost as if they were hidden and I can’t seem to find them. This makes of every cup of iced coffee an intricate and … Continue reading

Express Espresso

I am utterly in love with the process of brewing coffee. I appreciate every method and am at peace with how little we know. This “un-knowing” provides and opportunity to learn, innovate, and move forward, even if it happens by moving back. There is one method in particular that keeps me perplexed. Yes, you guessed … Continue reading

The Life Cycle of Coffee; Roasting

For the intents and purposes of this article, roasting (and really everything in this series of articles) has been simplified, to say the least. Roasting can be approached as simple as pie or as complex as organic chemistry, quite literally. The aim here is to provide an overview of how we end up with roasted … Continue reading

The Life Cycle Of Coffee; Processing

After coffee cherries are ripe and ready for harvest, they must undergo serious changes to prime them for roasting. These following steps are what are referred to as Coffee Processing. To begin, diligent farmers scavenge the plantations for only the ripest cherries. Unripe cherries produce a lower quality cup and are therefore sorted out during … Continue reading

The Life Cycle of Coffee; Genesis

I believe it is appropriate to write about the third most consumed beverage in the world. But instead of talking solely of the beverage, we will spend some time learning about the life cycle of Coffee as a seed, plant, trade, commodity, service, beverage, health benefit, and so on. Back In Time To begin, we … Continue reading

A Quick Note On Caffeine.

Don’t you love it. I still find it hard to believe that it has remained legal through modern time considering its serious effects if abused. I think it’s because it chooses smart places to hide: delicious timeless beverages. This post goes as response to a user’s comment “How does caffeine affect the metabolism?” Well now, … Continue reading