The Screeching Halt Of Evolution

For as long as scripture can recall, technological advancement has served as a marker of our evolution. From farming with bare hands to completley automated methods of agriculture, you could say we have evolved. But have we? Yes, most certainly so. Yet our path down Evolution Road has incubated  habits that have drastically slowed the … Continue reading

Coquere Ergo Sum

“I cook therefore I am.”  Think about it. When have you seen a cheetah prop out its camp stove and flip a pancake? We are the only species inhabiting this orb that cooks their food. Why? As we evolved, more and more energy was needed to fuel our unique reason-equipped brains. Lots of this energy … Continue reading

Sustain Tradition, Promote Progress

Our Generation’s Prime As new generations grow into their prime, they bring within them an aggregate of changes they implement into culture as we know it. Lately, our educators and environmentalists have shined the spotlight on the squandering we have caused on our earth and life cycles. Although progress is imminent, it may be very slow, and even reversed in … Continue reading

The End Of Robert Zoller’s Age Of Aquarius

Imagine. Not necessarily something, someone, or somewhere. Let yourself go, take a deep breath and imagine. Tell me. What comes to mind? “I imagine a space. Quite an eclectic space where positive energy is ever flowing. The walk towards this place eases the tension, stress, and banishes every worry stored in my mind and body; … Continue reading

You Carry Within You All The Ingredients To Turn Your Cooking Into Joy. Mix Them!

This above fact is true. Every human being was innately born with everything and more than we need to turn cooking into a joyous and successful craft. What animal cooks its food? Our anatomy is built and has evolved into a body ready for cooked food. We are the only species in the animal kingdom … Continue reading