The Screeching Halt Of Evolution

For as long as scripture can recall, technological advancement has served as a marker of our evolution. From farming with bare hands to completley automated methods of agriculture, you could say we have evolved. But have we?

Yes, most certainly so. Yet our path down Evolution Road has incubated  habits that have drastically slowed the fast paced momentum we caught a glimpse of. I’d like to think what sparked the movement towards higher thinking was synonymous to religion’s main opposition: open availability of information. Before, it was easy for  institutions to conjure up an idea considering there was no public information available to dis-prove their guise. As digital storage memorizes facts and opinions for us while the internet makes them easy to access,  it has served us as defense. Even though the constant challenge of ideas has heightened our way of thinking, we still latch on to habits fomented by the power hungry generations left by the wake of the “Age of War”. Their incessant need for control, accrual of currency, and power led to behavioral patterns that continue to harm the Earth we live in along with squandering cultural growth. Consumerism has led to the severe division of socio-economic classes, huge enviornmental impact, and the screeching halt of evolution.


Not to long ago, people knew how to make cheese, build houses, bottle beer, sew clothes. Now, the trend is to mass manufacture these goods and offer them for sale. Why has home production slowed? Most westerner’s claim they either don’t know how or “don’t have the time.” There is enough time, however, to attend academic institutions forking up quite the sum to do so. Have we become such ardent consumers that we are now being sold education? And is the education they are offering the one we need? Agriculture, nutrition, and cooking. Three subjects that provide nurture and if not for the capitalist world we live in would be essential knowledge. On how many minors, majors, masters, and doctorates are these subjects a requirement? The bottom line is education institutions are not giving us tools to succeed. They offer instead the possibility of obtaining a degree that potentially earns money. Unfortunately, a majority of students look at their degree like a guarantee they will, because the people who made them attend these institutions were raised in a world where that fact held more truth. But collecting assets is outdated.

Claim Domesticity Through Community

What do you do when you want something you cannot produce yourself? You trade currency for it. Why do we consider money to be the most valuable thing we hold in common? I’d like to think the people I have befriended are my friends not because they judge monetary value, but rather what I offer. Here lie the roots of community. A gathering that occurs to help each other get what they need not excluding social services, company, and friendship. It is impossible for one to master every craft, but beyond gratifying to offer up your craft for that of others. Why must we continue to squander people because they have not successfully collected green bills? The more we consume mass manufactured products the more we support a system that is not sustainable. As this becomes a global realization it is easier to spot words like sustainable, local, and green stamped everywhere. It is sad they are nothing but words. Maybe the intention is present, but for now these words are being used to promote consumerism for a new product. It is time for society to re-claim domesticity; use their skills to trade knowledge and resources, for what neighbors and friends have to offer. “One of every eleven dollars you spend on packaged products, goes towards the packaging.” Almost 10% of your spending budget, literally straight to trash.

Size Matters

Bigger portions in food, bigger houses, bigger cars. We think more is wealth. You already know this but bring to consciousness that this is merely an illusion. Consumers allow for this magic to happen supported by an economic trick that in fact keeps most of this country in debt. It’s commonly called credit. You are far beyond capable of learning how to make all of the things you need for survival, and even pleasurable living. Take a second next time you are at the store. Thats right, make your own vinegar.

The Change

I know change is coming because the world we are promoting now is not sustainable. When resources are limited we will have no choice but to start over and learn to be self-sustained. Make it a habit to learn something new everyday. Plant a flower, make some wine, learn to build computers. For in the near future, if you master your passion you will no longer have to work.

This change is happening to promote sustainable communities that foment creative growth. I encourage you to share your passions, knowledge, and insight by welcoming individuality and cultural diversity. Communities are here to nourish your body and mind through a heightened awareness towards the cycles of life.
One Response to “The Screeching Halt Of Evolution”
  1. mosconariz says:

    Hi, you have some interesting topics in this blog!

    The only problem I see is: It’s difficult to grasp a general idea of the fields of knowledge you’re dealing with. That could be improved with a little of design, a slogan (not “Just another site”) and a better explanation in the “What is this” section.

    If any of this make sense, glad to be helpful.

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