The End Of Robert Zoller’s Age Of Aquarius

Imagine. Not necessarily something, someone, or somewhere. Let yourself go, take a deep breath and imagine. Tell me. What comes to mind?

“I imagine a space. Quite an eclectic space where positive energy is ever flowing. The walk towards this place eases the tension, stress, and banishes every worry stored in my mind and body; such a powerful aura surrounds this place. I know from experience that once I enter this place I am free. Free to make my many dreams, imaginations, and fantasies spring into life, that is if they are not already a reality. As distracted as my smile keeps me, it is hard to miss the herb and flower gardens that greet and lead me through the winding pebbled path towards the main entrance. Hunger starts to distract me as well, but a clear mind helps me soothe it, keeping in mind the potential cooking to come before eating. Alas, I open the door to the smell of fresh baked buttery croissants, savory bacon, oolong tea, and what I believe is a pie of the scratch made fashion. I let my hunger creep back in knowing someone has already cooked an offering. Or a feast it smells like. Delicious food enters my body to please my senses, nurture my body, and become the means of conversation. Although I had set the intention to work on the garden in the back, I can see many people are already immersed in the daily labor. I could join, but I feel like something more secluded today. The mismatched walls showcase a variety of art, foliage, books, wine bottles, specialty house made food products, instruments, and some inviting interactions. Originally chalk black, a massive, now very colorful wall, informs me violin lessons, yoga, watercolor technique, kombucha production, an architecture workshop, pickling, and (insert your latest dream here) are all happening here. Not just here but now and in this beautiful space. I wonder who I should join, or should I relax, read, and prepare for tonight’s Wine & Poetry Night? This is the space I imagine.”

Surely a far fetched place is running through this man’s head as he sleeps. Maybe not. Maybe this has sprouted. Maybe his dream has slowly come into life as seedling, needing only more dreams for it to bear fruit.

I encourage you to let your dreams be dreams. But dreams you can share with everyone who’s got a dream to share with you. Offer up your knowledge, inspiration, happiness, laughter, tears, sadness, stories, food, and everything you are willing to offer towards a community of proactive dreamers who can mutually benefit from the collective creative input.

Thats, right. Stain the tablecloth. Become a 5 star gypsy. Showcase your passions and intentions for a greater good.

Prove to Robert Zeller that this is your Age of Aquarius, and not his.

With much love,

The Stained Tablecloth


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